In Progress: The 52nd VINITALY International Wine & Spirits Exhibition

第52屆 VINITALY 國際葡萄酒及烈酒展覽會刻正舉辦中



VINITALY- the largest International Wine & Spirits Exhibition in the world- is now held in Verona, Italy. This year, more than 4,200 exhibitors join this event together from 15th to 18th May and 10,000 wines are exhibited.

In collaboration with the Nomisma Wine Monitor, Vinitaly 2018 proposes the outlook on the future of the world wine markets and a specific focus event for the USA, which will be followed by in-depth studies dealing with China, Russia, Japan, the United Kingdom, and Germany.

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VINITALY- 全球最大的國際葡萄酒及烈酒展覽- 現在正在義大利維洛那舉行。今年展覽期間從5月15日起至5月18日止,共計會有超過4,200家廠商參加了此次活動,並展出超過10,000種以上的酒類產品。

今年的Vinitaly與Nomisma Wine Monitor合作,提出了世界葡萄酒市場的未來展望,並以美國為主題,推出了特定活動。緊接著Vinitaly也將深入研究關於中國、俄羅斯、日本、英國和德國的市場。

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