Photo courtesy of G7 Italy 2017


文化:3/30 – 3/31於佛羅倫斯舉行。討論議題包括在危機地區的文化遺產保護、以及將文化當作不同種族與人民間的對話橋樑;

能源:4/9 – 4/10於首都羅馬舉行。會議將著重在能源安全、天然氣市場、再生能源、能源效益與創新;

外交事務:4/10 – 4/11於中部城市盧卡(Lucca)舉行。重點議題包含目前的政治與國際安全議題;

金融財經:5/11 – 5/13於南部大城巴里(Bari)舉行,並將討論經濟成長、全球金融財經安全以及國際稅務;

環境:6/10 – 6/11於波隆那舉行,以巴黎協議的貫徹執行、永續發展目標(SDGs)以及綠色金融的調動為優先探討議題;

工業/資訊與通訊科技(ICT):9/26 – 9/27於都靈舉行。探討議題為Industry 4.0,特別是針對中小企業的相關施行;

科學:9/28– 9/29於都靈舉行。會議著重在人力資本以及技術的發展,以及可啟動新生產的基礎建設;

勞動:9/30 – 10/1於都靈舉行。勞動會議將會針對勞動問題的未來以及隨著數位革命的到來而所需規劃與制定的福利政策進行相關對談;

農業:10/14 – 10/15於北部城市貝加莫(Bergamo)舉行,討論飢餓、氣候變遷、生物多樣性、危機管理、收入補助以及家庭農業;

健康:11/5 – 11/6於米蘭舉行,主要議題則以減緩氣候變遷對於地球的影響進行相關全球性策略的初步探討與策劃。


Italy assumes G7 presidency in 2017. The ministerial meetings will be held in different Italian cities for various themes, while the summit will be held from 26 to 27 of May in Taormina, Sicily.

Culture: 3/3 to 31/3 in Florence which will focus on protection of cultural heritage in crisis areas, culture as an instrument for dialogue among peoples;

Energy: 9/4 to 10/4 in Rome which will focus on energy security, gas markets, renewables, efficiency and innovation;

Foreign affairs: 10/4 to 11/4 in Lucca which will concentrate on the most current issues of politics and of international safety & security;

Finance: 11/5 to 13/5 in Bari which will talk about the economic growth, global financial security, international taxation;

Environment: 10/6 to 11/6 in Bologna will have the implementation of the Paris Agreement, SDGs and the mobilisation of green finance as priority;

Industry/ICT: 26/9 to 27/9 in Turin which will concentrate on the implementation of the new manufacturing models (industry 4.0) in particular for the SMEs.

Science: 28/9/ to 29/9 in Turin which will focus on the development of human capital, of “skills” and infrastructure which may enable new production;

Labour: 30/9 to 1/10 in Turin which will be dedicated to the future of labour issues and necessary welfares policies to accompany the digital revolution;

Agriculture: 14/10 to 15/10 in Bergamo to discuss about hunger, climate changes, biodiversity, crisis management, income support, family agriculture

Health: 5/11 to 6/11 in Milan to outline the global strategy to mitigate the climate change impacts on the health of our planet.